18U Blade Disposable Hand Tool

$6.60 AUD

THink's 18U Blade Disposable Hand Tool is one of the sharpest and thinnest blades on the market, enabling you to get the finest hair strokes possible with your microbladed brows. This 18U Blade Disposable Hand Tool is an all-in-one disposable microblading hand tool - excellent for preventing cross-contamination between clients as you dispose of entire tool after use in the 500ml Sharps container or the larger 1.4L sharps container. Also very popular are the 7 pin, 12 pin and 21 pin disposable hand tools. Team it up with a fabulous brow mapping class and step up your brow game. Call THink Aesthetics 0733000465 to find out the next class available

All-in-one microblading hand tools simplify each procedure. The microblades are already inserted in the hand tool and the entire tool is sterilised with EO Gas.

Each hand tool is individually packaged. The entire blade and handtool are sterilized with a batch number and expiry date. All-in-one disposable microblading handtool.

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE: Recommended by Industry Professionals and Artists.