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  • Rotary machines are typically designed for body art tattoos
  • Rotary machine needles oscillate, tending to rip and tear the skin
  • Digital cosmetic tattoo machines are more precise, smoother and much easier on the skin
  • Using a digital machine will be more comfortable for your client and cause less swelling
  • Disposable needle cartridges make maintenance and infection control a breeze
  • Your results will be better, faster and you will use less pigment with a digital machine.

    Modern Digital Machine


    Rotary Pen


    Digital Needles vs Rotary Needles


    Rotary tattoo machines operate very differently to modern digital machines. The needles in rotaries oscillate (vibrate sideways) in  the housing. This tends to rip and tear the skin, whereas a digital cartridge needle move up and down very precisely, producing nice neat perforations in the skin for the pigment.

    Rotaries tend to  produce far more splatter, both of wasted pigment and also body fluids (meaning more infection control challenges).

    With digital machines the needle retracts in the cartridge when the machine is off, so there is no risk of needle stick injury.

    Modern cartridge needles fit snugly in the holder, so body fluids and pigment are not trapped in the cartridge.

    Digital machine speeds (penetrations per second) are easily adjusted on the machine console (say 50 to 150pps), rather than fiddling with the barrel of the rotary machine.

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