Eyeliner and lipliner: Hand Tool vs. Machine

Does your client want a perfect lipliner or eyeliner, minimum discomfort, minimum swelling and long lasting results? Of course ! Well you need a good machine to consistently achieve this. Hand tool techniques are currently being promoted on the basis of artistry and versatility. THink MBC sells hand tools, for featherstoke brows. For eyeliner and lipliner we strongly recommend (digital) machines, and here’s why:

  • Consistent depth of penetration and distibution of pigment.
  • Minimal tearing of skins, and therefore quicker healing and no scarring.
  • Faster procedure, therefore more effective numbing and less stress on your client.
  • Less reliance on technician concentration for a great result.

It’s your choice, but which would your client prefer?


Eyeliner gone patchy due to inconsistent depth of penetration and distribution of pigment

Top and Bottom Eyeliner Healed. 

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