Can you tell the difference?

  • Generic needles are typically technically inferior
  • Using generic needles in a branded machine such as Nouveau Contour will invalidate the warranty
  • High quality, high sharpness needles are much easier on the skin
  • High quality cartridge needles help ensure good infection control

 Nouveau Contour Needle

 Generic Needle Example


The temptation to use generic (or copy) needles to save on costs is common in our industry.

Generic needles look very similar to the original equipment of respected international brands, but there are typically several differences. The needles are usually not as sharp and the infection control systems within the needle casing are either not there or not as good.

For the modest cost of buying known international brand needles, your clients will typically get a more comfortable treatment, better long term results, and you will both have the comfort of knowing infection control was not a problem.

Why compromise? Your clients experience is everything.

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