Blister Pack Disposable Microblading Hand Tool

Blister Pack Disposable Microblading Hand Tool for all your microblading needs  - 12 pin and U shape Blades Available Quality Hand Tool for Microblading, totally disposable after every client. Ergonomically designed handgrip to ensure comfortable placement within your hand while performing your procedures. Quality  Blister Pack Disposable Hand Tool for Microblading - 12 pin and U shape Blades positioned on the perfect angle for the perfect microbladed brows. Stop messing around with your individual blades trying to accurately fit into your microblading hand tool, trying to achieve the correct angle of the blade and ensure it is held tightly inplace. The Disposable Hand Tool for Microblading  has the blade already fitted and safely inplace. The Hand Tool is disgarded at the completion of your microblading procedure into a sharps container. Ensuring infection control procedures are followed and no cross contamination occurs between clients. (1 blade and hand tool per pack) The entire blade and handtool are sterilized with a batch number and expiry date.