• Store pigment tightly sealed and in a cool dark cabinet.  Always shake bottles well for proper distribution of colour.
  • Determine if your pigment is a ‘Cool’ or ‘Warm’ based pigment prior to use.
  • Using multicolours on one procedure will create a much more realistic effect but will take more time.
  • Mix colours using your lightest colour first, followed by your darker colours. You will mix less pigment.
  • Each application of pigment builds colour volume in the skin i.e. gets darker with each application.
  • Use pigments with a macron range of 6-8, this should ensure against possible migration of the pigment in the skin. All Bio touch pigments are in this category.
  • Patch test clients with known sensitivities/allergies to cosmetics, drugs etc.


  • Only colours from the same manufacturer can be mixed together. Try to keep organics to organics and iron oxide to iron oxide.
  • Never reuse or save used pigment, it may be contaminated with bacteria and/or body fluids.
  • Do not use body tattoo colours purchased from the internet or from regular tattooist as they are different to those used for semi-permanent cosmetics. However, semi-permanent cosmetic pigments may be used for body tattooing.
  • Do not look at your colour through your pigment bottle. Plastic bottles tend to pick up a yellow or greenish cast from the plastic. To view correct colour, open the bottle and view colour.
  • Do not add White to lighten pigments for the face. If your client ever has Laser on the face the pigment will turn Black. Only use White for petite body tattoos.