BioTouch Micropigment Eyeliner Range

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BioTouch Micropigments

Eyeliner Range

BioTouch Micropigment Eyeliner range are non-drying, rich, natural colours formulated with superfine particles and iron oxides for easy absorption into the skin. Quality research has gained the brand a reputation for consistency and ease of use. Colours range from neutrals to vibrant, and can complement any hair and skin tone. Use in their pure state, or mix them to customise.

Bottle Size: 16 ml

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About the Eyeliner Range Colours

Black Micropigment is a soft black eyeliner. It gives a subtle look to your eyes. Add an Orange or Blue Corrector to prevent from fading to blueish undertones.

Blue Micropigment makes blue eyes stand out with this beautiful blue eyeliner. Black can be added to make a deeper blue. Mix with Grey or Taupe for a soft blue shadow on the top of the black eyeliner.

Green Micropigment can be mixed with True Black or Espresso for people who have green eyes. Mix with Taupe, Grey or Brown for different shades of green eye shadow. Diluted green can be used as a corrector for pink eyebrows.

Grey Micropigment can be used for people with salt and pepper grey hair. Add Taupe or Light Brown to lighten, or mix with Dark Brown for olive to brown skin tones.

Jet Black Micropigment is our blackest black, specially formulated with a carbon base for a black eyeliner. Add Orange or Red to prevent fading to Bluish, with a 3 to 1 Ratio.

Midnight Black Micropigment is one of the black shades that can be complimented with orange or red to stay black.

True Black Micropigment Gives a very dark, matted look. Add orange, as needed, to prevent from turning bluish.