Navigating the path to learning the craft!

Options are great, until they become confusing or overwhelming. Let’s break down the types of training available for cosmetic tattooing and the language used.

Your cosmetic tattoo training and certification can greatly influence your depth of knowledge and understanding, career and business prospects, and insurability.

1. What is accredited training?

Accredited training is recognised by third party providers to bring quality, accredited training (VET) in Australia can only be performed by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Cosmetic tattooists are required to hold an accredited Infection Control certificate (excluding WA). The Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing (SHB50321) is an optional diploma qualification, introduced in late 2021 to address the lack of comprehensive cosmetic tattoo training and problems with work quality and adverse results.

An RTO is accredited under the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to deliver nationally recognised qualifications. They have skilled and qualified trainers and assessors and are subject to strict regulations and audits.

If a business is advertising accredited training, they must show the RTO logo and their RTO number. If not, it can’t provide accredited training. You can check them out at


2. So, what then is an accredited trainer (in Australia)?

An accredited trainer must have the qualification TAE40116 Certificate IV Training & Assessment and can deliver VET approved training courses for a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), given that they have the relevant qualifications or experience for a specific course.

No TAE = no accredited training.

Missing the relevant qualifications or experience = no accredited training.


3. How to tell if training is nationally accredited?

Check for a:

  • Valid course or unit code,
  • Valid RTO number, and
  • Terms such as "nationally accredited", "accredited certificate" (the 'golden ticket' to accredited training)

Jump on and confirm that the course or training school you are looking at is legitimate.

4. What is internationally accredited trainer or training?

There’s no such thing. It's marketing spin.

There is no international governing body that accredits training. A cosmetic tattoo trainer may have trained overseas, so perhaps an “internationally trained trainer”, but that’s it. Overseas organisations offering “international accreditation” or qualifications intended to look like Australian qualifications but these are generally scam tactics.


5. So, what is non-accredited training?

That’s simple, all training is non-accredited when it isn’t an accredited course and delivered by an accredited institution (an RTO or academic college/university).

Only RTOs will have to stipulate if their courses are accredited (or not).

Non-accredited training is not subject to any review or regulation and is delivered by individuals or businesses who have self-designed a training course. Dissatisfied students cannot turn to a training regulator. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) may be able to help if the training has been misrepresented.

This does not mean that non-accredited training provides no value to learners. Just be aware that anyone can put together a non-accredited cosmetic tattoo training course.


To wrap it up!

There are a lot of options out there for cosmetic tattooists to learn, upskill or get qualified! The only official, recognised form of cosmetic tattoo training is nationally accredited training, done through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).


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