Ever wondered why some cosmetic tattoo needle cartridges cost more than others? Why are some so cheap?

It’s like everything else, you get what you pay for, and while things might look the same, it’s a bit like a genuine Apple iPhone versus a cheap clone on eBay, that’s where the similarity stops.

This may sound like a sales pitch, and it is - to some degree. The basis however, is to educate and inform you about what makes a difference to your treatments, not convince you that quality engineered machines, such as produced by Nouveau Contour, have some magic that does all the work for you.

When we talk about needles that implant pigment into the skin, the focus should be on how to get the best results in the safest way possible. Digital machines and high quality needle cartridges provide precision, with constant needle speed and frequency, ensuring controlled and consistent penetration and pigment placement, each time and every time.

Genuine Nouveau Contour safety needle cartridges cost more than imitations (fakes) because they are made better and will produce better results, safely. Here’s a few reasons to buy genuine:

  • Precise engineering for consistent, even skin penetration
  • Surgical grade stainless steel needle
  • Engineered surface to carry more pigment into the skin and enhance pigment retention
  • Digital penetration frequency control for smooth, consistent results
  • Diaphragm to prevent back-flow of pigments and body fluids (infection control)
  • Manufactured to international standards ISO9001/ISO 13485
  • Toxin-free non-allergenic plastics in compliance with ISO 10993

When it comes to cosmetic tattooing, you have a wide variety of options to 'get the job done', and some potential shortcuts to get there 'cheaper'. Whether you choose to microblade (we reccommend you don't), pick up a good deal on a machine or needles off eBay or go for a German engineered machine such as Nouveau - it's important to know what your buying, why you're buying it and if there's something better for you and your client out there.

Needle cartridges are more than a simple needle size or configuration.

November 27, 2019 — Robert McGowan

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