Nouveau Contour Digital PRO Needle


Nouveau Contour Digital PRO Needle Cartridges

These Nouveau Contour Digital PRO needles will ONLY fit the Nouveau Contour Digital HD Intelligent Machine Nouveau Contours quality and saftey are teamed up with its technologically advanced PRO needles. All areas of cosmetic tattoo (Permanent Makeup - PMU) are covered with a needle to match your chosen procedure -
  • Brows (ombre, powder, featherstroke, hairstroke),
  • Eyeliner (lash enhancement, eyeliner, wings, smokey, stardust, eyeshadow)
  • Lips (Lipline, Lipline and blend, full lips, blush, tint, ombre)
  • Correction
  • 3D Areola
  • Scar camouflage
  • Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)
The quality of the Nouveau needles ensures your results are carried through to every one of your customers. The Digital PRO needle cartridge system is super computerized and operates unlike anything you have experienced. Nouveau Contour is concerned about client safety. Technology and Safety are packed into all of the 10 different needles configurations.
  • Internal membranes or (diaphragms as they are sometimes called).
  • Ultra fine, high quality needles
  • Highest quality stainless steel
  • Ultra sharp needle tips
  • Needle retraction when the digital machine is turned off
  • Skin integrity feedback system

The membranes ensure there is no backflow of pigment and bodily fluids into the handpiece. Additionally, airborne contaminants are prevented from entering the needle and handpiece ensuring there is no cross-contamination between clients and the highest infection control standards are maintained. All Nouveau Contour Digital PRO needle cartridges are a single use only - with batch numbers and sterility dates clearly labelled. All the safety features and quality are combined with needle technology from the world leading Nouveau Contour. These Digital Pro needles fit on the exceptional Nouveau Contour Digital HD Intelligent Machine

Pack Size: 5 Needles / Box Individual needles are also available THink MBC Cosmetic Tattoo supplies are the Official distributor for Nouveau Contour in Australia and New Zealand Nouveau Contour

Needle Configurations:  0.20 Nano, 0.25 Nano, 1 Micro, 1 Liner, 3 Micro, 3 Liner, 3 Outliner, 3 Slope, 3 Power, 5 Shader, Please Note: This is the last avaliable stock of these needles - Nouveau Contour is no longer manufacturing the full needle range for this machine.