Brow and Microblading Practice Kit

$39.99 AUD $62.00

Brow and Microblading Practice Kits.

Brow and microblading practice kits are now available for you. Practice makes perfect! Keep working on your featherstroke pattern or perfect ombre brow from the comfort of your own home. The perfectly curated kit to let you focus your skills on all things brows, with a lucky dip for some great brow styles of all different shapes, sizes and arch heights! Pick up our brow and featherstroke practice kit for only $39.99 (Total Kit RRP $62)!
Pack includes:
Total Kit RRP $62.00 For more training in cosmetic tattooing call THink Aesthetics 0733000465 Please note all the items in the photo are not the correct quantities contained in the kit. Please see above item inclusion list for quantities included in kit .