Back to Business COVID SAFE

Getting you 'Back to Business' with the COVID SAFE Pack! Complete with everything you need to be keep you and your clients COVID SAFE:
  • THink COVID-19 Training Course
    This is an illustrated short course (about 1.5 hours) to help you and your staff understand COVID-19 so they protect themselves and your clients. It provides focused material for our industry and does not replace the government COVID SAFE course (30 mins) or HLTINFCOV001 for retail (30 hours).
  • 500mL Hand Sanitiser
    Ideal for staff and clients arriving in reception.
  • 4 x 50mL Sanitisers
    For occasional use in treatment rooms or for staff to keep in the handbag or car. You need your staff to stay COVID-19 free.
  • 50 x Surgical Face Masks
    3-ply masks for clients, or staff if preferred. These protect against splashes but do not seal around the face.
  • 10 x KN95 Respirators
    These are comfortable masks that seal well against the face. They protect your staff and the client. N95 masks are typically more rigid and less comfortable. Those that have a one way valve filter the air through the mask as you breath in, but DO NOT filter the air you exhale. So that doesn't protect your client.
  • Laminated 'COVID SAFE' Poster Bundle
    COVID-19 door poster, social distancing, hand wash and hand rub posters. Safe yourself the hassle of finding, printing and laminating the posters you need for your salon. Add blue-tac and you're good to go.
    A template for you to complete for your salon or clinic. Some states are indicating businesses will require a COVID SAFE Plan, not just a checklist. Make sure your staff know exactly what is expected. We’ve done most of the hard work, you just need to fill in your specifics. (APAN has also produced a plan that is free to members. We prepared one for THink, and have prepared a generic version to share with your business)
Getting you 'Back to Business' with the COVID SAFE Pack!