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Digital POP Deluxe Machine

$2,365.00 AUD

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THink MBC Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies are an Authorized Distributor for Bomtech machines and needles.

This amazing Bomtech Digital Pop Deluxe machine is made in Korea and has a 1 year warranty.

If out of Stock or on Backorder this item can be sent direct from the warehouse. Expected delivery 1-2 days Express Post. Please feel free to contact the office if you have any questions.

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The Digital POP Deluxe Machine device is used for Cosmetic Tattoo Semi Permanent Tattoo Procedures (Permanent Make Up PMU)

  • 10 speed level
    • Easy to adjust the speed by clicking a UP/DOWN button.
    • Visualized current speed on LED display.
    • Speed Level Save and operate at the saved speed.
  • Generating Shortcut key for saving speed
  • Turn ON/OFF power with ‘Foot switch’ without controlling main body.
    • Long press for power on/off, Short press for Pause.
    • Motor stops when you place a hand-piece on a stand
  • Disposable sterilized cartridges

    • EO sterilized disposable needle cartridges
      (Purchase separately, consumables)
    • Hygienically prevents from being injected contaminant 
      during the operation.
  • Adjust the amount of pigment used by turning a ring

This Digital POP Deluxe Machine is lightweight and easy to use;
Ergonomically designed to enhance comfort of technician during procedures;
One-time use needle cartridge design that provides simple and quick needle changes;
Ideal for permanent makeup professionals and skincare professionals on mesotherapy treatments;
Great for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and areola work and advanced microneedling procedures, scars, and anti-aging treatments. If you are looking to invest in a device that will allow you to perform all PMU and advanced microneedling procedures this machine is for you due to its power and digital controls;
Speed level from 1 to 10.

This device offers you the best speed for each procedure, which means that the speed for eyebrow procedures, eyeliner, lips, areola, and mesotherapy are already pre-set by the device with a total of 10 different speeds.

The manual air control feature in the REVO needle is what allows you to determine the amount of pigment you want to deposit into the skin of your client.

This air control feature in the REVO needle is what differentiates the REVO from DIGITAL needles.

Note that this REVO MACHINE will accept REVO NEEDLES only, because the REVO NEEDLES are designed specifically for this REVO MACHINE due to its power and speed. It has more power than other machines because it is also designed specifically for microneedling procedures.

• Microneedling and PMU CORDED device;
• Easy to use control panel with LED display;
• Easy to adjust the speed by clicking up/down button;
• Digital speed control from 1 to 10;
• Automatically saves the speed being used;
• Additional on/off feature with foot switch.

• Convenient for users to turn ON/OFF power with ‘foot switch’ without controlling the main body;
• Long press for power on/off; short press for pause;
• Handpiece returns to previous setting when removed from the stand, which means it continues working without losing the previous speed setting and power.

• Very comfortable grip feeling with a modern streamlined design;
• Specific needle cartridges available for permanent makeup and mesotherapy procedures;
• Easy to select between PMU and MTS procedures and change of needles;
• Operate with various types of needle.

(Only REVO PMU NEEDLES). Click here to see the correct needle for this device.

Revo Needles membrane
Revo Needles membrane
Revo Needles for Digital Pop Deluxe Machine
Revo Needles for Digital Pop Deluxe Machine


• Digital Pop Deluxe device;
• 1 Handpiece;
• Power adapter;
• Foot pedal;
• Full one year warranty.


Only use the appropriate needle cartridges with your machine. Other needle cartridges will damage the cartridge locking mechanism of your device.

One-year warranty. Service and repairs are done in Australia with a very quick turnaround to return the device to client as soon as it is possible.

How to spot a fake Digital Pop Deluxe – MUST have the hologram sticker

Digital Pop Authentic Hologram Sticker
Digital Pop Authentic Hologram Sticker

It is advisable to get national accredited training in cosmetic tattooing before attempting to perform procedures contact THink Aesthetics (RTO 45188) for additional training if required.

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